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How to support your favorite conservation efforts

A Fanfire guide to using your Web3 crypto-wallet to support conservation


Step 1: Make sure that you have downloaded and connected your crypto-wallet. MetaMask is the wallet of choice and can be installed using this guide.


Step 2: MetaMask works by connecting on to specific 'chains'. Make sure you are connected to the 'Polygon Mumbai' network/chain in order to 'sign in' to the conservation platform.

Sidenote: Go to and search 'Polygon Mainnet' if you do not find the correct network in your MetaMask dropdown list.


Step 3: Now you can log in to any nature conservation site, click on 'Authenticate' at the top right and support your favorite conservation efforts.

Your unique MetaMask 'wallet' address will appear in the box at the top right to signify you are logged in and ready to adopt/transact.


For any questions email

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