Frequently asked questions


NFTs are digital certificates of ownership, which means fans can acquire valuable memorabilia without necessarily taking physical possession of the item. As a matter of fact, in our digital age it has become possible to create rare collectibles that are purely digital. NFTs make it frictionless to buy and trade collectibles, allowing fans to invest in, and earn. Best of all, each time an NFT is traded, any benificiary of choice receives 10% of the sales price, to plough back into initiatives and fan engagement.

What is FanFire?

Your fans are connected and increasingly demand a rich experience on and off the field. They love your merchandise and sport your colours, but do you engage with them where they cheer, fist-pump and shout? Do you tailor your brand to their needs or do you have a one-size-fits-all offering? Fanfire lets you tap directly into your fan base and provides the tools to enable you to craft an unique experience for every fan. A great way in which Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) trading can support your cause, is that a percentage of each sale or resale can go back to your franchise – or to the charitable foundation of your choice. This creates the perfect incentive for fans to actively engage in your brand economy. Our technical team has the skills to develop and implement fan engagement strategies to improve revenue, deepen relationships and extend the fan experience beyond the game day experience. We have the ability to implement smart contract NFTs, digital playing cards, subscriber management systems and digital loyalty points to craft a fan engagement system that is unique to your organisation.