The web is changing.

The line between the digital world and physical realities is blurring. To stay relevant,  you need Fanfire.

Enterprise Web3 Solutions

Online Communicatons

The web is changing.

The Information Web allowed you to publish and communicate freely. The Social Web allowed you to connect and share freely.

Now the line between our digital and physical realities are blurring. Secure ownership and transactions are built right into the web.

Our digital assets can have real-world impact. 


Create, share, & collaborate sustainably.

Creators, sportspeople and companies can draw upon their fans' support like never before. Software, medicine, and other IP can be created and improved with technology that rewards the entire value chain. Charitable organisations can help supporters to truly own the cause itself.

Low Impact

Fanfire makes use of the Polygon chain, one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains.

Wallet Support

Fanfire integrates with Metamask, and also provides a custodial wallet service for zero-knowledge customers.

Our clients are leveraging the metaverse.

Flourishing creators, athletes, NGOs, enterprises and celebrities are building their brands around Web3 technologies like NFTs, loyalty tokens, Fanfire Web3 wallets and permissionless creation and trade.

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The 52 Collection Invitation (2).png
The 52 Collection Invitation (2).png

You should join them.

You need a partner who understands your brand, your cause, your business. You need someone who can get as excited about your vision – and who can then build unpronounceable blockchain tech and Web3 solutions to make it come alive in a world where "physical" and "digital" are just flip sides of the same reality. 

You need Fanfire.

Custom Development

Fanfire specializes in Solidity smart contract development, and can create blockchain tokens and marketplaces with bespoke business logic.

Simple & Intuitive

Fanfire focuses on building simple and easy-to-understand platforms which require no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchains.

Video Game Invention

Partners from design to deployment. 

From the very first meeting through to the final launch and maintenance of a customized web3 platform, Fanfire believes in deep ongoing relationships with our partners.



✔️ Define scope

✔️ Measure project

✔️ Develop proposal​

✔️ Prototype staging



✔️ Production of digital assets

✔️ UX and UI creation

✔️ MVP

✔️ Custom development



✔️ Platform deployment

✔️ NFT minting

✔️ Data collection

✔️ Custodial wallet integration



✔️ Continued maintenance

✔️ Payment processing

✔️ Dedicated support team

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