Enterprise Web3

The web is changing. The line between the digital world and physical realities is blurring. To stay relevant,  you need Fanfire.

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Online Communicatons

The Information Web allowed you to publish and communicate freely. The Social Web allowed you to connect and share freely.


Now the line between our digital and physical realities are blurring. Secure ownership and transactions are built right into the web. Our digital assets can have real-world impact. 

Enterprise Web3 Solutions


The web is changing.

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Enterprise Web3 Solutions


Artists can create, share, and collaborate sustainably.

Creators and sportspeople can draw upon their fans' support like never before. Software, medicine, and other IP can be created and improved with technology that rewards the entire value chain. Charitable organisations can help supporters to truly own the cause itself.


Enterprise Web3 Solutions


Leveraging Web3.

Flourishing creators, enterprises, athletes, NGOs, and celebrities are building their brands around Web3 technologies like NFTs, loyalty tokens, Fanfire Web3 wallets and permissionless creation and trade.

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The 52 Collection Invitation (2).png

Custom development


Fanfire can mint and auction ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on our custom NFT auction platform, as well as royalty ERC-2981 tokens.

Enterprise Web3 Solutions


Charitable NFTs

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Fanfire is the leader in Web3 based patronage, creating robust platforms for using models such as Harberger Taxes

You should join them.

You need a partner who understands your brand, your cause, your business. You need someone who can get as excited about your vision – and who can then build unpronounceable blockchain tech and Web3 solutions to make it come alive in a world where "physical" and "digital" are just flip sides of the same reality.

You need Fanfire.

Web3 Marketplace

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Fanfire is invested in the development of a social platform, Fanfair, based on NFTs and other Web3 components.


Fanfire Directors

Van Rooyen

Chief Executive Officer 

Gert-Jan has more than 20 years of research and industry experience, and co-invented an early commercial use of NFTs in content security in 2013. He co-founded Custos and Octoco, holds directorships in several tech companies, and is Associate Professor Extra-Ordinary in Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University.

Van Der Veen

Chairman & Lead Investor

André owns interests in several listed and unlisted firms and has invested in Fanfire with Alphawave. He previously served as director on a number of listed firms, incl. Clover, HCI, E-Media, Tsogo Sun and Niveus Investments. He currently serves as a director of A2 Investment Partners and chairman of Alphawave.


Non-Executive Director

As co-founder and CEO of Alphawave Holdings, Frans guided it from a consulting start-up to a group of 14 companies and 300+ engineers. He has been involved with a number of successful start-ups and various medium enterprises in the Group. He is an active Non-Executive director of each company in the Group.​​​​​​​


Non-Executive Director

Mike serves as global board director of Population Services International (PSI), Chairperson for PSI Health Services in RSA, Non-Execuctive Chairperson of Quicket, Executive Chairman of Shopstar, Non-Executive Board Director at Clark Holdings, Advisory Board Member at Ctrl Technologies and as trustee of WWF® South Africa.

Operational Team

Louwrens Labuschagne

Smart Contract Developer

An enthusiastic, dedicated and versatile developer with an outstanding academic background in Data Science and excellent attitude to work. Highly motivated, reliable, and eager to learn. Passion for everything new, interesting, likes challenges and enjoys teaching anyone who's prepared to listen. Louwrens hold a MSc in Data Science from the University of Cape Town.

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Calvin Drawbridge

Software Engineer

Calvin's experienced in analog and digital circuit design enables rapid prototyping of new hardware designs. Coupled with experience in multiplatform software design enables ease of workflow & seamless systems integration of scalable, human-centered designs and interfaces.

Octoco X Matt Baudewig-19(1).jpg

de Lange

Lead Developer

An experienced entrepreneur and full-stack IoT engineer. He holds a BEng in Electronic Engineering, and is responsible for systems architecture at Fanfire.

He also leads the design of cyberphysical systems that combine IoT and AR with blockchain technologies.

Octoco X Matt Baudewig-2.jpg

de Villiers


James holds a BEng degree in mechanical engineering (cum laude) and an MEng degree in electronic engineering (cum laude).


He is a computer vision specialist as well as a full stack software developer with a wide range of technical skills.


Client Management

Collin holds a BSc cum laude in International Business from Stellenbosch University. He also completed an economics exchange programme at the University of Bristol, UK. Being highly analytical with a demonstrated work history in business analyses, marketing & sales, government administration and NPO's, Collin is geared to boost Fanfire.


Product Management

Jacques holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering, and an MEng in Industrial Engineering (cum laude). He is a specialist in decision support, technological readiness, research
and development risk estimation
and enterprise operational maturity.
He brings these data-driven
analysis methodologies to




An innovative and versatile creative marketer who holds a BBA degree in Marketing Mgmt. He possesses an entrepreneurial spirit knowing that the possibility of greatness is more significant than the fear of failure.

Jaco is currently busy with his BPhil Honours in Marketing Mgmt.

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3 Meson Street, Technopark, Stellenbosch, ZA 7600

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